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Born out of sheer love for entertainment and movies, Coliseum is a community of movie enthusiasts looking forward to encouraging new and bright talent.

Go to our website and on the right-hand side TOP you will see a Login button, simply go there, make yourself register along with your wallets, and start participating.

But before that, if you do not have Myetherwallet (MEW) or any other wallet which can be controlled by you for storing ETH and Tronlink for storing USDT, We strongly recommend that to get that. Before submitting your wallet addresses into our system.

Remember, we do not accept payment from Exchanges and Contract Addresses for security reasons and we do not use ERC20 wallets for accepting USDT.

You should be able to see the Referral Code in your profile once your purchase has been finished.

There is something about the streets of the Crypto Industry. When things go on, it usually goes on and on. That is the same reason, people dealing with the crypto industry especially with Altcoins always try to stack it for a longer-term. But as soon as they see profit or in requirement of funds in different currency they convert it. That gives them a partial exit from stack holding.

Now, Coliseum Tokens refers as COM allows token holders to yield ETH, which gives them 2 number of reasons to hold, one they decide to hold it for a longer-term, and…

Starting from creating a Profile, uploading a portfolio, initiating the entire project, initiating a partial project, work requestee, work approval, escalation desk to bullying support and highlighting profiles and projects, etc… all of this will be a part of platform services which will be accessible only through COM tokens.

As a startup we require a locking period from the investor as well, obviously, it is not a job of 10–15 days to develop and implement projects, if we do not have that surety from the market then there is no reason we can survive with profitability. With Defi, we can not control it. However, exactly for the same reason, we are offering per-decided exit strategy every quarter so that investor or stockholders does not regret of investing or stockholding. After all, we are on the Proof of Stack Model.

Why we will do that?

Currently, the market is full…

Unlike normal ERC20 tokens, it is difficult to shorten the supply of the token which can be later harmful to the healthy economy. Imagine, you hold a token which was fully diluted into the market liquidations and then you hold it for better rates, but then imagine the growth, when a company, group, or community’s NFT token starts growing under what reason its token will also grow, technically it means that particular venture is only manipulating a market. We don’t want that with our token holders. To avoid that we have decided not to go for NFT.

Also, profit distribution will a challenge when it will come to the NFT. Any user will prefer to stack tokens if they can yield profits as well with the freedom of accepting other currency as well, with NFT tokens it is hard to do that.

The word coliseum originally came from a roman culture. There was an arena to show off the military and other violent talents. In the Roman Empire people used to gather at a place and used to get entertained, that place was called ‘CO-LE-SEUM’, over the period due to its pronunciations it has started being spelled as Coliseum.

We have used that word to reform our community which is thriving on a concept of entertaining people and for that, we had to create a place where all of the skilled and experienced, as well as new talented performers, can get equal opportunities.

What is coliseum ? How it works ? Pre sale of tokens has already been started.
What is coliseum ? How it works ? Pre sale of tokens has already been started.

Coliseum — the first decentralized Utility token for Entertainment Industry

One of its kind with 3 eminent commitments and dedication to the economy for sustaining into any situation.

It’s a decentralized utility token issued by a group of people from the entertainment industry who have created a community and have tokenized their vision for launchpad platform based on a proof of stack concept, which gives an ability to its users to yield profits while holding and it also gives an exit plan to their investors every quarter.

Not only that, but the coliseum community has also decided to cut off their token’s supply every quarter to avoid any whale circulations which can later be controlled by some mischievous group.

After waiting for several months the Oscar Nominations 2021 are finally here! The much anticipated and recognised award ceremony face multiple delays due to the on-going pandemic of COVID 19. The wait is finally over as the ceremony is set to take place on 25th April, much later than its originally planned date (28th Feb). But hey, we aren’t complaining because the award ceremony will be held in-person at Los Angles’ Union Station and the Dolby Theater.

Priyanka Chopra Jonas and Nick Jonas announced the Academy Award nominations in a two-part address via live streaming that was aired globally on…


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